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Name Title Department Campus Local
Aliaga, David Affiliate
Allbury, Linda Accounts Payable Clerk (vendors Q-Z, purchasing cards R-Z, bookstore vendors, cheq. reqs.) Financial Services Nanaimo 6232
Allbury, Lyndon Logistics Coordinator Information Technology Nanaimo 2992
Allen, Susan Manager, Professional Development and Training Professional Development & Training Administration Nanaimo 6364
Alphonse, Danielle Professor Early Childhood Education Nanaimo 2354
Alton, Allan Affiliate
Alton, Michael Instructor Heavy Mechanical Trades Nanaimo 6537
Alton, Rita Acting Dean Academic and Career Preparation Academic and Career Preparation Administration Nanaimo 2552
Amaral, John Professor (Co-Chair) Biology Nanaimo 2625
Amos, Daryl Affiliate
Anderson, Allyson Professor First Nations Studies Cowichan 3543
Anderson, Allyson Professor First Nations Studies Nanaimo 2254
Anderson, Gillian Professor Sociology Nanaimo 2237
Anderson, John University-College Professor, Criminology Department
Anderson, Zoe Homestay Assistant Homestay Nanaimo 6159
Andrews, Amelia Research Employment Community Planning
Angelstad, Martin Technician Biology Nanaimo 2638
Ansell, Jim Professor Education Cowichan 3570
Ansell, Jim Professor Education Nanaimo 2690
Anthony, Darcy IT Service Desk Analyst Information Technology Nanaimo 6300
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