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Name Title Department Campus Local
Baxter, Karen Administrative Assistant Office of the Provost Nanaimo 6436
Bayne, Donna Instructor Education
Bear, Koren Pacific Regional Manager, In.Business Program Nanaimo 2203
Beard, Graham Honorary Research Associate
Beaubier, Alexis Cooperative Education and Internship Coordinator Centre for Experiential Learning Nanaimo 6421
Bebyck, Tom Instructor Welding
Beck, Matthew Instructor HVAC Program Cowichan
Beese, Bill Professor Forest Resources Technology Nanaimo 2260
Belcher, Robert Instructor Education
Bell, Ashley Affiliate
Bellis, Kristi Plant Records Keeper Milner Gardens and Woodland
Belyk, Jessica June Affiliate
Bence, Shannon Instructor Recreation/Tourism
Benisky, Barry Instructor Motorcycle and Marine Technician Nanaimo 6144
Benjaminsson, Steinunn Service Desk Assistant Library Administration Nanaimo 2706
Benner, Judy VIUFA Office Manager Nanaimo 6339
Bennett, Nicole Program Coordinator Professional Development and Training (H&HS) Nanaimo 6327
Bercek, Steven Instructor Department of Resource Management and Protection Nanaimo 2808
Berg, Mykelti Project Personnel Chemistry
Berg, Rhonda Instructor Education Assistant & Community Support PR
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