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Name Title Department Campus Local
Cadieux, Dean Chair, Automotive Program/Chair, Motorcycle & Marine Technician Program Automotive Service Technician Nanaimo 6148
Caffrey, Jennifer HR Specialist, Employee Well-being and Benefits Human Resources Nanaimo 6432
Cai, Lora International Admissions and Registration Officer International Admissions Nanaimo 2527
Cain, Donna Affiliate
Cake, Dave Chair, Geography and GIS Programs GIS Program Nanaimo 6153
Calder, Ian Cook Cafeteria
Calder, Jennifer Admissions and Registration Assistant Registration and Admissions Nanaimo 2585
Calvert, Michael Instructor Adult Basic Education Cowichan
Calvert, Phillip Honorary Research Associate
Cameron, Cathy Associate Registrar, International International Admissions Nanaimo 6608
Cameron, Cheryl Technician Early Childhood Education
Cameron, Pam Affiliate
Campbell, Bruce Carpenter/Building Maintenance Worker Facilities Services/Campus Development Nanaimo 2591
Campbell, Leanne Honorary Research Associate Psychology
Campbell, Madelaine Instructor English Language Centre Nanaimo 2979
Campbell, Rob Building Maintenance Worker Facilities Services/Campus Development
Campbell, Steve Instructor Education
Campbell, Tyler Lead Cook Cafeteria Nanaimo 2581
Cander, Stephen Senior Tool Crib Instrtl Assist, Welding Welding Cowichan 3704
Canning, Patrick Limited Term Contract Instructor Criminology Nanaimo 6694
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