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Name Title Department Campus Local
Falvai, Joanne Professor Criminology Nanaimo 2243
Farmere, Ray Ancillary Services Marketing and Technology Clerk Ancillary Services Administration Nanaimo 6519
Farrant, Susan Human Resources Advisor Human Resources Nanaimo 6497
Farrell, Teresa Instructor Education Nanaimo 2334
Fascilla, Eleonor Affiliate
Faulkner, Ellen Adjunct Professor and Instructor
Fedchuk, Terry Tool Attendant/Instructional Assistant Electrical Program Nanaimo 6583
Fedchuk, Terry Tool Attendant/Instructional Assistant Electrical Program Nanaimo 2054
Ferguson, Deanna Public Education Lead Deep Bay Marine Field Station
Ferguson, Nicole Program Assistant Registration and Admissions
Ferguson, Rob Professor Recreation/Tourism Nanaimo 2835
Field, Robin Honorary Research Associate Art and Design
Filgate, Laura Instructor The High School
Finch, Peter Lead Cook Cafeteria
Finigan, Theo VIUFA Summer Session/Field School English Nanaimo 2775
Fischer Russell, Daniela Associate Dean Science & Technology Administration Nanaimo 6113
Fisher, Megan Events Coordinator, Meeting & Event Services Ancillary Services Administration Nanaimo 6633
Fisher, Paige Professor Education Nanaimo 2002
Fisher, Robin Honorary Research Associate
Flannigan, Suzanne Dean, Faculty of Management Management Administration Nanaimo 6526
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