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Name Title Department Campus Local
Gabler, Joerg Culinary Arts Instructor Culinary Arts Nanaimo 6126
Gaetz, Alana Admissions and Registration Assistant Registration and Admissions Nanaimo 2071
Gajda, Shelley-Anne Coordinator, Peer Supported Learning/ABT Instructor, part-time Centre for Experiential Learning Nanaimo 6580
Gallant, Denise Instructor Heavy Equipment Operator
Gallant, Heather Accounting Assistant Financial Services Nanaimo 2498
Gallant, Maurice Instructor English Language Centre Nanaimo 2974
Galliford, John Affiliate
Gallo, Arleen Affiliate
Galloway, Sandra Admissions Assistant International Admissions Nanaimo 2884
Ganassin, Rosemarie Professor Biology Nanaimo 2257
Garcia, Jaime Tool Room Attendant and Instructional Assistant Heavy Mechanical Trades
Gardiner, Eliza Professor Theatre Cowichan 3539
Gardiner, Eliza Professor Theatre Nanaimo 6386
Gardiner, John Videographer/Photographer/Social Media Coordinator Marketing, Analytics, Recruitment & Communications Nanaimo 6342
Garrett, Arielle Technician Biology Nanaimo 2323
Geddes, Patricia Librarian Library Administration Nanaimo 2740
Gekonde, John Affiliate
Gellein, Shelley Technician Chemistry Nanaimo 6369
Gemella, Jessica Instructor Horticulture Technician Program
George, Douglas Instructor Heavy Mechanical Trades Nanaimo 6359
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