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Name Title Department Campus Local
Gold, Anne ABTP Instructor Applied Business Technology Programs Nanaimo 2344
Goldring, Leanne Instructor Applied Business Technology Programs
Gonyer, Tom Affiliate
Goodrick, Darlene Coordinator, Print Services
Gordaneer, Alisa Professor Creative Writing and Journalism Nanaimo 2110
Gorea, Lucia Instructor Adult Basic Education Nanaimo
Gorrell, Jamie Professor Biology Nanaimo 2314
Gough, Bill Professor Creative Writing and Journalism
Gover, Laura Professor Management Nanaimo 2450
Govorov, Michael Professor GIS Program Nanaimo 2729
Gower, Rita Instructor Culinary Arts Nanaimo 2152
Grafton, Janet VIUFA Summer Session/Field School English Nanaimo 2120
Grant, David Technician Information Technology & Applied Systems Nanaimo 2765
Grant, Jannine Service Desk Assistant Library Administration Nanaimo 6330
Gray, Carole Human Resources Advisor Recruitment/Employee Dev. Human Resources Nanaimo 6239
Gray, Chris Instructor Culinary Arts Powell River Powell River
Gray, Gary Manager, Procurement Operations Purchasing Nanaimo 6230
Gray, Nelson Adjunct Professor English Nanaimo 2959
Graydon, Amy Housekeeper VIU Student Residence
Green, Eliza Affiliate
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