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Name Title Department Campus Local
Hackett, Geoff Affiliate
Hagan, Sandra Professor and Chair English Nanaimo 2385
Hagwet, Martina Affiliate
Hahn, Apryl Instructor Adult Basic Education Nanaimo Nanaimo 2822
Haime, Colin Professor Accounting Nanaimo 2475
Hak, Gordon Academic Emeritus Designation
Hallam, Michael Department Chair/Instructor Welding Cowichan 3703
Halliday, Laura Service Desk Assistant Library Administration Nanaimo 2675
Hamilton, Nancy Administrative Coordinator Professional Development and Training Cowichan Cowichan 3573
Hamilton, Paul Instructor Education
Hammer, Ken University Professor
Hammond, Kim Nursery Grower/Groundskeeper Milner Milner Gardens and Woodland
Hampshire, Margaret Affiliate
Hampson, Janet Central Cashier/Collections Financial Services Nanaimo 2782
Hanna, Hany Affiliate
Hannan, Grant Affiliate
Hannesson, Darren Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2696
Hannesson, Teresa Professor Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nanaimo 2555
Hansey, John Affiliate
Hanson, Craig Facilities Planner/Developer Facilities Services/Campus Development Nanaimo 6506
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