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Name Title Department Campus Local
Harder, Marti Professor Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nanaimo 2501
Harder, Trish Instructor Art and Design Nanaimo 2445
Hargreaves, Anna Sr Tool Room Attendant/Instructional Asst, Carp Carpentry
Hargrove, Owen Instructor Department of Resource Management and Protection Nanaimo 2481
Harks, Frank Limited Term Contract Instructor Art and Design Nanaimo 2124
Harnett, Michelle Project Personnel Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Nanaimo
Harper, Ken Instructor Culinary Arts Nanaimo 6442
Harris, Colleen Instructor Adult Basic Education Nanaimo Nanaimo 2155
Harris, Conar Affiliate
Harris, Lisette Professor
Harrison, Brad Instructor Welding
Harrison, Keith Academic Emeritus Designation
Harte, Alex Starbucks Barista/Cashier Ancillary Services Administration
Harvey, Darrell Coordinator, Int'l Projects & Internationalization Education Abroad Nanaimo 6378
Harvey, Roger SERVICE ADVISOR Automotive Service Technician Nanaimo 6453
Hasan, Shahriar Professor Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 2810
Hassib, Ashraf Professor Hospitality Management Nanaimo 6133
Hathaway, Jennifer Payroll Employees, Surname G - L Payroll Nanaimo 6238
Haughton, Kamala Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Human Resources Nanaimo 6604
Hausknecht, Simone Instructor Adult Basic Education Cowichan Cowichan 3508
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