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Name Title Department Campus Local
Jacklin, Debra Manager, Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention Strategies Human Resources
Jacklin, Fred Registrar Registrar's Office Nanaimo 6356
Jacobson, Lee-Anne Catering Service Coordinator Cafeteria Nanaimo 6125
Jaeger, Chris Professor Management Nanaimo 2844
Jakab, Heidi International Admissions and Registration Officer International Admissions Nanaimo 2958
James, Florence Elder-in-Residence First Nations Student Services Cowichan Cowichan 3586
James, Michael Gymnasium Attendant Gymnasium/Student Activities Nanaimo 6418
Jamieson, Adam IT Network Administrator Information Technology Nanaimo 2738
Jamieson, Sherri Financial Analyst Financial Services Nanaimo 0000
Jamont, Matthew Graphic Designer Marketing, Analytics, Recruitment & Communications Nanaimo 6388
Jannaway, Brad Instructor Heavy Mechanical Trades
Jarrett, Justine Affiliate
Jaster, Lisa Coordinator, International Recruitment Services International Marketing & Recruitment Nanaimo 6476
Javorski, Stephen Professor Child & Youth Care Nanaimo 2189
Jean Louis, Rosmy Chair, Department of Economics Economics Nanaimo 2233
Jefferies, Merv Instructor Hospitality Management Nanaimo 3245
Jelier, Charlynn Starbucks Barista/Cashier Ancillary Services Administration
Jenkins, Anne Professor Education Nanaimo
Jenkins, Anne Professor Education Cowichan 3552
Jennings, Kate Director, International Student Services International Student Services Nanaimo 6384
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