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Name Title Department Campus Local
Johnson, Shirlee Instructor Education
Johnson, Stella Elder-in-Residence Office of Aboriginal Education Nanaimo 2792
Johnsrude, Danielle Manager, Homestay and Off Campus Housing Homestay
Johnsrude, Ian Manager, Student Residence VIU Student Residence Nanaimo
Johnston, Ian Academic Emeritus Designation
Johnstone, Leigh Administrative Assistant English Language Centre Nanaimo 6273
Johnstone, Sandra Professor Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2006
Jones, Collette Instructor Women's Studies Nanaimo 2108
Jones, Kevin Instructor Horticulture Technician Program Nanaimo
Jones, Simon Adjunct Faculty
Jordan, Mike Manager, Treasury and Collections Financial Services Nanaimo 2576
Jordi, Daniel Technician Hospitality Management Nanaimo 3245
Josefsson, Caroline Professor Biology Nanaimo 2619
Juby, Susan Professor Creative Writing and Journalism Nanaimo 2253
Jung, Piera Professor Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nanaimo 2577
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