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Name Title Department Campus Local
Koerbler, Sasha Professor Music Nanaimo 2502
Koren, Davida Affiliate
Korver, Maartje Affiliate
Kossowan, Shelley Manager, Project Management Office Vice-President Administration & Finance Nanaimo 6334
Kovalenka, Connie Affiliate
Krall, Janice Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Coordinator Advancement and Alumni Relations
Krause, Andrew Professor Sport, Health & Physical Education Nanaimo 2160
Kreiberg, Henrik Affiliate
Kreschuk, Crystal Administrative Assistant,Graduate Business Studies Office of Graduate Business Studies Nanaimo 2274
Kroeker, Elisabeth Professor Education Nanaimo 2109
Krogh, Erik Professor and Co-Director of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories Chemistry Nanaimo 2307
Krusto, Linda Assistant, General Merchandise Campus Store Campus Store Nanaimo 6203
Krytor, Ross Senior Tool Crib Instrtl Assist, Welding Welding Cowichan 3703
Kubota, Sayuri Instructor The High School
Kuntz, Michael Counsellor Counselling Nanaimo 2013
Kupchanko, Dawn Records Clerk Records Nanaimo 2757
Kurulak, Donna Student Success Advisor Adult Basic Education Nanaimo Nanaimo 6255
Kusz, Jennifer VIUFA Summer Session/Field School Criminology Cowichan 3566
Kusz, Jennifer VIUFA Summer Session/Field School Criminology Nanaimo 6694
Kyle, Mackenzie Affiliate
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