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Name Title Department Campus Local
Ma, Ling Instructor Practical Nursing Nanaimo 2361
MacCallum, Miranda Admissions and Registration Assistant Registration and Admissions Nanaimo 2584
MacColl, Michael Professor Management Nanaimo 2586
MacDonald, Ann Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
MacDonald, Caitlin Instructor The High School Nanaimo 2784
MacDonald, Kyle Housekeeper VIU Student Residence
MacFarlane, Jamie Gymnasium Attendant Gymnasium/Student Activities
MacGillivray, Janeane Faculty Assistant Social Sciences Administration Nanaimo 6393
MacKay, Ross Dean, Arts & Humanities Arts and Humanities Administration Nanaimo 6181
MacLean, Lisa Honorary Research Associate Liberal Studies
MacMath, Celeste Food Service Worker Cafeteria Nanaimo 2541
MacMillan, Shannon Administrative Assistant to the Campus Principal Cowichan Campus Administration Cowichan 3505
MacQueen, Barb Instructor HVAC Program Cowichan Cowichan 3707
MacSween, Norma Associate Dean & English Language Centre Director International Education Administration Nanaimo 6319
Maduhu, Mary Affiliate
Madziya, Paula Instructor English Language Centre Nanaimo 2938
Magee-Chalmers, Jessie Associate Dean, Trades and Applied Technology Trades & Applied Technology Administration Nanaimo 6111
Magtiza, Arden Front End Salon Instructional Assistant Hairdressing Nanaimo 6115
Mahaffy, Kirstin Dawn Affiliate
Mahedy, Carol Accounts Payable Clerk Financial Services Nanaimo 2632
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