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Name Title Department Campus Local
Page, Kathy Chair, Creative Writing and Journalism Creative Writing and Journalism Nanaimo 2112
Page, Nancy Professor Art and Design Nanaimo 2461
Palin, Joanne Research advice (Past)
Palm, Judy Professor Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 2693
Palma, Pierangela Adjunct Faculty
Palmer, Matthew Building Maintenance Worker Milner Gardens and Woodland
Panek, Shona Instructor Health Care Assistant Powell River Powell River 8054
Paproski, Darren Chair, Marketing Department Marketing Nanaimo 2847
Pariseau, Martin Affiliate
Parsons, Jim Instructor Education
Paskevicius, Michael Learning Technologies Application Developer Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Nanaimo 2029
Pasternack, Sophia Affiliate
Pastro, Heather University Professor Education Nanaimo 2561
Pastro, Heather University Professor Education Cowichan 3538
Paterson, David Dean, Education Education Administration Nanaimo 6220
Patola, Elizabeth Instructor Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Patterson, Gay Campus Administrative Manager, Cowichan Campus Cowichan Campus Administration Cowichan 3507
Patterson, Lynda B.A. Degree Advisor Arts and Humanities Administration Nanaimo 2178
Patterson, Michele Professor Geography Nanaimo 6296
Paul, Steve Affiliate
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