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Name Title Department Campus Local
Thomas, Shawn Affiliate
Thompson, Dawn Professor English Nanaimo 2785
Thompson, Rob Instructor Master of Business Administration Nanaimo 6390
Thoms, Michael Instructor Sociology
Thomson, Catherine Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Sessional Instructor Biology Nanaimo 2317
Thomson, Hamish Instructor The High School
Thorp, Margo Equipment Loans Advisor Library Administration Nanaimo 2227
Thyssen, Elsie Finance Manager, International Education International Admissions Nanaimo 6287
Tilley, Carla Professor Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nanaimo 2508
Timbers, Tamara Professor Art and Design Nanaimo 2674
Toal, Sean Professor Education Nanaimo 6444
Tomalty, Ray Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Tomasson, Albert Instructor Hospitality Management Nanaimo 2949
Tomlin, Haley Project Personnel Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Inst
Tomlinson, Andie Librarian Library Administration
Tong, Christine Professor Chemistry Nanaimo 2622
Tonon, Twila Instructor Health Care Assistant
Tooby, Kim Contract Services Assistant Professional Development and Training Cowichan Cowichan 3546
Torkko, Deborah Professor English Nanaimo 2127
Touray, Lisa Instructor Health Care Assistant Nanaimo 2432
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