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Department Employees

Community Planning

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Name Title Campus Building Room Local
Alexander, Don Professor Nanaimo 359 215 2261
Andrews, Amelia Research Employment
Barker, Greg Adjunct Faculty
Betanzo, Miko Professor Nanaimo 315 112A 2326
Breen, Coralie Adjunct Faculty
Dalton, Zoe Adjunct Faculty
Holland, Mark Professor Nanaimo 315 112A 2326
MacDonald, Ann Adjunct Faculty
Malli, Ruth Adjunct Faculty
Oakman, Debra Adjunct Faculty
Shaw, Pam Director, Master of Community Planning Program Nanaimo 305 464 2620
Stefiuk, Kate Non-Jurisdictional Stipend Nanaimo 315 112A 2326
Tomalty, Ray Adjunct Faculty
Van Vliet, Juliet Adjunct Faculty
Zucht, Marla Adjunct Faculty