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Department Employees


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Name Title Campus Building Room Local
Ansell, Jim Professor Nanaimo 356 228 2690
Ansell, Jim Professor Cowichan 700 326 3570
Atkinson, Teresa Instructor
Bayne, Donna Instructor
Belcher, Robert Instructor
Beleznay, Shelley Instructor
Blewett, Barbara Instructor
Boulet, Lila Instructor
Bradley, Jan Instructor
Brase, Gayle Advisor- B.Ed. Nanaimo 356 214 2568
Brase, Gayle Advisor- B.Ed. Cowichan 700 324 3556
Brown, Lynn Instructor
Campbell, Steve Instructor
Carroll, Jane Instructor
Coleman, Bobbi Instructor
Cox, Riki Professor Nanaimo 356 280 2559
Crawford, Joanne Instructor
Critchley, Elizabeth Instructor
Cruickshanks, Nadine Professor Cowichan 700 320 2162
Cruickshanks, Nadine Professor Nanaimo 356 218 2162