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Department Employees

VIU Student Residence

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Name Title Campus Building Room Local
Bauche, Michael Activity Program Coordinator Nanaimo 4 4111 2986
Bernard, Vanessa Residence Service Representative Nanaimo 4 4102 6640
Blake, Laura Night Clerk
Burrows, Robert Residence Service Representative Nanaimo 4 4102 6640
Christison, Duncan Housekeeper
Copeland, Dawna Residence Lead Housekeeper
Creighton, Carol Residence Office Assistant for Vancouver Island University Residences (Building 4) Nanaimo 4 4102 6640
Demers, Barbara Housekeeper
Graydon, Amy Housekeeper
Infanti, Bente Residence Lead Housekeeper
Johnsrude, Ian Manager, Student Residence Nanaimo 4 4104
Knowles, Tanya Residence Lead Housekeeper Nanaimo 4 4107 2987
Large, Caelan Housekeeper
Lindkvist, Markus Housekeeper
MacDonald, Kyle Housekeeper
Mjoen, David Housekeeper
Muir, Kelly Assistant Manager - Residence Life Nanaimo 4 4104 6637
Rickson, Julia Housekeeper
Stratton, Vanessa Assistant Manager, Student Residence
Turingan, Joemar Night Clerk