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Start your University education early

Will you be in grade 12 next year?

Do you want to learn more about earning University Credits while still in High School?

This unique program enables university courses to be offered to current secondary students. Students successfully completing course(s) will receive dual credits: elective courses towards their Dogwood Diploma, as well as university credit course(s) with Vancouver Island University.

Students in high school who meet admission requirements can take VIU courses for Dual Credit.

There are three options for academic courses:

  • Enrichment– this opportunity is targeted for students entering Grade 12. It is marketed to schools and the community in early February. Students review a number of preselected courses that are approved by Faculties and consult with high school contacts to ensure feasibility. These courses have a limited number of reserved seats and are made available to students to apply late April early May. Admission is considered based on Incoming Outstanding Student criteria: 3 A’s and 1 B in core grade 11 courses. Once all applicants are reviewed and registered, remaining available seats are opened up for general registration to full time VIU students. Maximum of two courses per semester. Accepted students will be notified early May. Public school systems are funding these courses for students. Application fee, books, supplies and Student Union, Student Services and Activity fees are paid for by the student.
  • Special Admission – Students at any time of the year can apply to take a course as long as they meet course prerequisites. Students apply with a letter of permission from the school principal and need to contact the VIU instructor directly to receive approval. Accepted students will be contacted once completed applications are processed. Maximum of two courses per semester for a total of four. School districts will fund these courses as well.  See "how to apply"for outline of step by step process.

  • Cohort Model – Entire sections of a course are purchased by the School District and filled with high school students only.  This option can be arranged at a start time preferred by the school district Eg: start in February to align with high school semesters.

This offering enables students to:

  • experience areas of post secondary studies, while remaining within the secondary school support system.
  • earn dual credits for each course
  • enjoy the benefits of instruction supported by VIU faculty members
  • enhance your resume by demonstrating commitment to education, time management skills and direction.

What are my next steps?

  • Review this opportunity with your parents and high school counsellor.
  • Review your course selection for Grade 12.
  • Take key courses (English, Science and Math requirements) in first semester to leave more options open for courses.
  • Add your name to the interest list so updated information can be sent to you.