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Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University:
Online Learning & Teaching Diploma

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The Online Learning & Teaching Diploma (OLTD) Program at VIU is a post degree program for educators in BC and beyond providing a solid foundation in the pedagogical and technical expertise required to leverage technology for effective teaching and learning in distributed learning environments. Areas of study include social networking, cloud computing, open educational resources, online communication, mobile learning and gaming, and emergent technologies. The OLTD Program has a detailed website as well as a brochure you can download. View Brochure.

Our OLTD program began in 2012 with it's first graduates receiving their diplomas in 2014. Though still a young program, OLTD is already building a reputation for excellence in online learning design and delivery. Several OLTD students found meaningful teaching positions in Distance Learning (DL) schools even prior to program graduation. School districts and post-secondary institutions welcome the specific training OLTD students receive in designing for online learning and the myriad of strategies and methodologies they can directly apply to best and promising practice in DL.

The opportunity to ladder a OLTD program into the VIU Masters of Education (Leadership) (MEDL) program with an additional 10 credits of graduate work is unique and provides degree candidates with the opportunity to design and deliver a Major Project in areas such as curriculum design, or policy development, directly applicable to their own DL practice or areas of research interest. Both OLTD and MEDL offer teachers currently practicing in BC public system BC TQS salary increments and both programs are considered full-time study for tuition deductions with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Distance learning is now the fastest growth area in education provincially. If you see designing and delivering the highest quality distance learning experiences as a part of your future, consider VIU's OLTD program.

Some comments from our students:

  • “I just have to let you know how much I love this program. The classes are engaging and allow us to run with our creativity. It really is some of the best learning I've had.” Year 1 Student
  • “OLTD is a great program.  Blended is the future in education.  If I had a small army of the kinds of teachers that come out of this program, we could do amazing work transforming learning in BC.” DL Principal
  • “Primarily, it has completely shattered my former conception of how education should and can be delivered using technology. Secondly, it has made me so much more functionally confident with an array of programs and learning tools. Finally, through exploring educational models and philosophy it has forced me to refocus and reshape my own personal philosophy of education.” Year 2 Student