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Service at the Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University

Picture: 5 Hands Coming Together in a Spiral at CentreThe Faculty of Education at Vancouver Island University has a long-standing tradition of developing & supporting best practices through partnerships with communities and the field. As well as service work and reseach conducted by faculty members, the VIU Faculty of Education creates opportunities for both formal and informal outreach work in our range of initial teacher education programs, graduate diploma programs, and master's programs.

Below is a sample of some of our work:

  • VIU Rural Education Research Partnership, Professor Paige Fisher
    • A partnership between VIU Faculty of Education, BC Ministry of Education, & 6 BC School Districts focussed on supporting literacy learningin rural communities with high populations of Aboriginal students.

  • VIU Science Learning Centres, Professor Bernie Krynowsky
    • Hands-on science learning activity centres are created & implemented by Education students and brought to local elementary schools for an exciting day of science learning.