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    Our Vision

We build relationships.
As a faculty, we engage
with those on our educational
paths with respect, compassion
humility and humour.

We strive to be a dynamic,
interactive, learning community.
We honour thoughtful reflection
and dialogue while embracing

We are passionate lifelong
Together we commit
to working toward the well-being
of self, enrichment of the
community, and stewardship of
the planet.

We embrace the uniqueness of
individuals and the richness of
cultural diversity. We are
committed to equity and social
justice as citizens in a global
community. We hold ourselves
accountable to honouring
Indigenous perspectives through
our teaching practices, our
curriculum and our daily
interactions with students
and the world at large.

We inspire mindful creative
innovators energized by moral
courage and relentless hope.

As active researchers and
transformative leaders, we
broaden the scope of current
research through exemplary