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January Session (Jan 9 - Feb 20)

One-Day Sessions (2 – 3 hours each)

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March Session (Feb 27 - Apr 7)

May Session (Apr 24 - May 18)

Saturday Speakers


$10 cash/person at the door
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Free for high school & elementary school students

Nanoose Place Community Centre
2925 Northwest Bay Road, Nanoose Bay

ALL TALKS START AT 10 am and run through to noon. Everyone welcome!



Science, Superheroes and SocietyAPRIL 22, 2017

Science, Superheroes and Society

Presenter: E. Paul Zehr, PhD (neuroscience)

Communicating science is a necessary and rewarding activity, but finding compelling, relevant and timely points of linkage between challenging scientific concepts and the experiences and interests of the general public can be difficult. Superheroes represent an element of popular culture that is well understood by many. Linking scientific messages to aspects of Batman, Iron Man, Batgirl and Captain America can help spread science as widely as possible. And it’s fun, too.

E. Paul Zehr, PhD (neuroscience) is an award winning science communicator, professor, author and martial artist. His books “Becoming Batman”, “Inventing Iron Man”, and “Project Superhero” use superheroes as metaphors exploring the science of human potential. In 2015 he won the Science Educator Award from the Society for Neuroscience and Project Superhero won the Silver Medal for Juvenile fiction from the Independent Book Sellers of North America.


Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 - What’s It All About?May 6, 2017

Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 - What’s It All About?

Presenter: Dr. David Prud’homme

On August 21, 2017 there will be a total eclipse of the sun across the United States.  It is creating a great deal of excitement.  Why?  Learn what a solar eclipse is and what underlies the excitement.  Hear about eclipse chasers who literally go to the ends of the Earth to witness them.  This presentation will explain why eclipses happen and what makes a solar eclipse so much more significant than an eclipse of the moon.  Maybe it’s because the next solar eclipse in North America isn’t until 2024… or perhaps it’s much more than that!

Dr. Prud’homme is an amateur astronomer and a former president of the Edmonton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  David and his wife Linda have experienced three solar eclipses.  He is a regular instructor with ElderCollege presenting two courses – “Introduction to the Night Skies” and “The Space Race: Quest for the Moon.”


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