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National PharmacareNational Pharmacare: Bringing Prescription Drugs Into Medicare

Presenter: Dr. Steve Morgan
September 26 (Parksville VIU campus)

Every developed country with a universal health care system provides universal coverage of prescription drugs ... except Canada! This is detrimental to our Canadian health care system and to our economy. Dr. Morgan presents a solution: a national pharmacare program providing all Canadians with affordable access to appropriately prescribed medicines.

Steve Morgan is a professor of health policy at UBC and founder of Pharmacare 2020, a campaign to promote evidence-informed conversation about the future of prescription drug coverage in Canada.

The Sea Amoung UsThe Sea Among Us: Marine Life

Presenter: Rick Harbo
October 3 (Nanaimo VIU campus)

How did the scientific names of marine plants and animals originate, such as Steller’s Jay, Lewis’ Moonsnail, Menzies’ seaweeds?  Investigate the naming of shells, seaweeds, fish and other marine species collected from our waters by the pioneer naturalists and early explorers, such as Captain Cook.

Rick Harbo was a Department of Fisheries and Oceans marine biologist. Rick’s photographs can be found in textbooks worldwide. His books include  Tidepool and Reef and Whelks to Whales.  He recently contributed a chapter and images for The Sea Among Us, The Amazing Strait of Georgia.

Marine Mammal ManagementMarine Mammal Management Action To Minimize Impact

Presenter: Paul Cottrell
October 24 (Parksville VIU campus)

Paul Cottrell will provide a vivid summary of more than 15 humpback whale and grey whale disentanglement efforts conducted by the British Columbia Marine Mammal Response Network.

Paul Cottrell has worked with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for over 18 years as a marine mammal research biologist, fishery officer, area chief of resource management and most recently as the Pacific marine mammal coordinator. Paul now leads the large whale disentanglement program.

My escape from GermanyMy Escape From Germany After WWII

Presenter: Giselle Roeder
November 7 (Nanaimo VIU campus)

 An extraordinary narrative of life of ordinary Germans under Nazi rule, the Russian invasion with rape and murder, the eviction of millions on the road to nowhere, establishment of two Germanys, life in the communist East, escapes leading to the Berlin Wall,  life in the “Golden West”, and finally emigration to Canada.   

Giselle Roeder has first-hand experience of the Russian advance into Germany in 1945, and is well qualified to talk about the trauma inflicted upon civilians in time of war.

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