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Why an Ugly Sweater Day?

To Reduce Energy Use

Most of the energy VIU uses goes to heating and lighting buildings. If some of the energy can be decreased by lowering temperatures, we'll reduce our carbon footprint and avoid the cost of the energy.

The heat of the 13 metered buildings at VIU will be decreased by 2 degrees over those 4 days and we will be able to show how much energy was saved in that time.

Students and staff are encouraged to wear their ugliest (weirdest, most retro...) sweater on any day (or all days!) between Feb 15-18. Wearing a sweater helps you stay warm and helps keep the planet cool.

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To Win $100 Gift Card

We'll be taking pictures of ugly sweaters and their owners from Feb 15-18 on Nanaimo campus OR you can submit your picture to by Feb 18, 23:59.

Those pictures will be judged in 2 ways--
Ugliest Sweater Award
as judged by a panel
People's Choice Award as judged by members of the VIU community
Each category winner will receive a $100 gift card. Winners will be announced on March 7, 2011.
See the entries.

National Sweater Day--Feb 17

Our contest coincides with WWF's National Sweater Day on Feb 17. You can enter their contest and be eligible for a $500 certificate to a Loblaw company (Superstore is one). More details.