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May 5, 2009: Facilities Services and Campus Development (FSCD)replaced an existing pole top light fixture with a new one featuring an LED lamp. The fixture depicted in the photo below, is located within the Royal Bank Plaza, in the middle of the main staircase. And in the vicinity is an identical fixture featuring a more standard 70 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp, for comparison.

LED Pole Top Experimental Light Fixture May 09

The comparative characteristics of the two lamp types are as follows:

1. the 70 watt HPS fixture is rated 85 watts (with ballast losses of 15 watts included) at 347 volts;

2. the 20 watt LED fixture uses a driver rated at 26 watts (including driver losses of 6 watts).

Over the next month, FSCD will evaluate light output, and then will update this website with actual measurements, for your information. Assuming that the light output of the LED is of an acceptable quality and quantity to perform the task of the adjacent HPS fixtures, if we are able to replace the HPS types with similar LED types, the energy consumption reduction would be calculated as follows:

(85 watts - 26 watts) x 2891 hours / 1000 watts per kW at $0.045 per kWh = $7.68 saved per fixture per year (where $0.045 per kWh is our approximate marginal rate of electrical energy cost, at this time). Individually, that may appear to be a small saving, but over the fairly large number of 70 watt HPS fixtures currently in use on Campus, the energy savings along with any industry incentives available, may make this an attractive energy conservation initiative to consider for a future project.

When you walk by the light fixture pole, you will see that there are signs posted on it, to encourage you to give us your comments. Please provide your comments in the Suggestion Box included in this website (

March 28, 2009: Earth Hour. VIU has committed to contribute to Earth Hour on Saturday March 28, 2009 at 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.. Our contributions to reduce electricity consumption over that hour joins in with that of many other organizations across the globe, and we encourage you to contribute from your own home, too!

April 2, 2009: Sustainability Fair sponsored by "SOLUTIONS: a Sustainability Network." The VIU Energy Management Program will be there, and will be supported by representation from BC Hydro Power Smart Team.

April 6 through April 9, 2009: Official Launch of the Energy Management Program at VIU. Launch of the VIU Energy Management Program