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Convocation Information

The convocation ceremonies at Vancouver Island University honour the achievement of our graduating students.

Currently, VIU holds ceremonies twice per year, in June and January, to which all faculty are invited.

On the Convocation Website, general information regarding Convocation is posted, as well as information specific to students and faculty.

Convocation Ceremony Dates:

Vancouver Island University holds its Convocation ceremonies in June and January. For exact dates, please refer to the Schedule of Important Dates on the Faculty and Staff page of the VIU website.

Academic Regalia:

At Convocation ceremonies, faculty are invited to participate in the procession as a member of the platform party. Regalia is worn by all those involved, but for those who do not own their own regalia, it can be rented from the Bookstore, or purchased through the Purchasing Department. Regalia rental forms are available through the Bookstore or online in early October for the January ceremonies, or in early February for the June ceremonies.

Regalia is worn by all graduates. The cap and gown style denote whether the degree is a Bachelor, Masters, or Doctoral degree, while the colours on the hood, and those that adorn the Doctoral gown, represent the school and discipline of study.

If you have any questions, please visit the Convocation website or contact:

Carrie Johns

Secretary Registrar & Convocation
Phone: (250) 753-3245, ext 2234