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Interoffice M E M O

Office of the Vice-President Administration & Bursar

TO:                  Management Committee (MaCo) Members                     DATE:  May 27, 2003

CC:                  Executive

                        Acting Registrar

                        Dean, Student Services & Instruction

                        Director, Career & Academic Preparation

FROM:            Edwin Deas, on behalf of the Board

SUBJECT:      Commitment and Support Fee for Adult Basic Education

This is to confirm that the Vancouver Island University Board of Governors at its meeting held May 22, 2003, approved the adoption of a Commitment and Support Fee for Adult Basic Education, as attached.  The fee is $50 per course and applies to all ABE students in levels three to six.  Literacy students at the foundation stage of ABE will be exempt from Commitment and Support Fees.  The Commitment and Support Fee will go into effect for the September 2003 intake of students.