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Advisory Group

The Advisory and Resource Groups developing the Nanaimo Campus Food Services Master Plan are listed below

Questions or comments about the Food Services Master Plan can be directed to any of these members




Debbie Shore

Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island

Melissa Townsend

Manager, Ancillary Business Services

Ian Johnsrude

Western Student Housing

Stephen Clements

Business Opportunity Planning

Rita Gower

Professional Baking


Guy Ellis
Glynis Steen

Trades and Applied Technology
Trades and Applied Technology

Tina McComb

Enrolment Management

Celia White

Campus Food Strategies

Patrick Barbosa

Students’ Union

Mackenzie Sillem

International Education

Carol Desilets

Project Sponsor

John Predyk

Group Chair/Facilitator

Dave Twynam

Dean, Faculty of Management

Lee-Anne Jacobson Catering Service Coordinator
Tyler Campbell Lead Cook
Marcus Molfenter Food and Beverage Manager




David Witty, Provost and VPA

SMG Co-sponsor

Shelley Legin,

Chief Financial Officer and VP Administration

SMG Co-sponsor

Carol Desilets, Director Ancillary Services

Project Sponsor

Janine Reed,

Executive Director, Human Resources

Project Advisor

Alan Cumbers,

Executive Director Facilities and Ancillary Services

Project Advisor

Wendy Young, Director of Finance

Project Advisor

John Predyk,

Special Advisor to the President

Lead Project Resource

healthy food cafeteria tray