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ENCORE: Help Renew VIU's Malaspina Theatre

Media Resources

Help us spread the word by sharing on social media and through your friends and network that you support VIU's Malaspina Theatre campaign - ENCORE!

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Social Media Resources for Facebook & Twitter

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Facebook Resources

#VIU’s Malaspina Theatre is celebrating 40 years of education students and serving the arts community. Help support the Malaspina Theatre by dedicating a seat to renew this beloved space. #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

VIU's Malaspina Theatre first opened its doors in 1976, making this year its 40th anniversary. After 40 years of laughter, tears, and memories, its age is starting to show with creaky seat joints, saggy bottoms, and a weathered lobby. Dedicate a seat and be part of VIU’s Malaspina Theatre’s ENCORE for the next act of theatre education and community performance. #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

I support the renewal of #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre by dedicating a seat to help the next generation of performing artists. Can you help? #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

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Encore FB Cover Photo

Twitter Resources

I support the renewal of #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre. Do you? #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

40 years of laughter, tears, & memories. I’m helping to make it another 40. #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

#VIU’s Malaspina Theatre is a communal space that sits at VIU's heart. I’ve dedicated a seat. Can you? #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

Dedicate a seat and help #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre prepare for the next Act! #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

I’ve seen ______ plays at #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre. How about you? #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

Creaky joints, saggy bottoms, weathered lobby. Help renew #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre! #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

ENCORE: Help renew #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre. I’ve dedicated a seat. Have you? #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

My favorite play at #VIU’s Malaspina Theatre was ____. #EncoreVIU VIU Encore

Twitter Cover Photo

Encore Twitter Cover Photo

YouTube Video

Encore YouTube Image

YouTube Video: Encore - help renew VIU's Malaspina Theatre

Shaw TV Nanaimo Encore

YouTube Video: Preserving the Legacy of Theatre with VIU's Encore Campaign!

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If you have any questions, please contact Leon Potter, Chair and Instructor of VIU's Theatre Department at 250.740.6192, email or Kamala Haughton, Alumni Relations & Annual Campaign Officer at 250.740.6215, email