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Every student must apply to graduate; it is not automatic. When you near the end of your program, you must submit an application to graduate. The application will enable you to receive your parchment and official notation of graduation on your transcript once your program requirements have been met.

Application forms are available from your online student record.To submit your application to graduate, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your online student record ( and select “Apply to Graduate” from the menu.   
  2. Complete the form, making sure that all information is correct. 
  3. Submit the form.  A $50 Graduation and Alumni Fee will be assessed to your student record and is payable when you submit your application.

Once the Graduation and Alumni fee has been paid, your application is immediately available for your Degree Advisor or Chair/Coordinator to review.  If you have met all the requirements of your program, the application will be approved; if you have not met the requirements, your application will remain on hold until all requirements are met.

Please note: Students enrolled in entry-level Trades and Vocational programs will have their graduation application automatically submitted when they are enrolled in the program. The $50 Graduation and Alumni fee is due at the same time as the rest of the tuition fees. You will be asked to review your application for completeness and to confirm your attendance at the convocation ceremony.

If you are using courses taken at another institution toward your program requirements, official transcripts from that other institution must be received by the Registration Centre before your application can be fully processed.

It may take up to eight weeks after the completion of your program for graduation to be confirmed and your parchment printed; it may take longer if you are completing your program during the summer months.

You will have the option of receiving your parchment as soon as it is ready or at an upcoming graduation convocation ceremony. Once your parchment is printed it will be delivered to you in the format requested on your graduation application.