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Internal Job Postings


Position Profile:

Internal applicants will receive first consideration.

This is an Interim appointment for a term of 2 years, with a return to the incumbent’s previous position. Retreat rights to a faculty position are in place.

We are seeking expressions of interest for the role of Interim Associate VP, Academic at Vancouver Island University (VIU). We are pleased to provide a unique development opportunity which will support the institution now and during the transition to our next President in June 2019. This opportunity is open only to current VIU employees with relevant experience in an administrative leadership role in either academic or student services.

As a leader in providing high‐quality learning, Vancouver Island University supports the wellbeing of the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia by promoting a high quality of life for their communities through commitment to student success, community engagement and associated scholarship.

As a trusted educational partner in the promotion of sustainable cultural, economic, environmental and social well‐being, we inspire our students, faculty and staff, our communities and the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia through our commitment to excellence in learning, student success, respectful discourse, Indigenous ways of knowing and personal well‐being.

Reporting to the Provost and Vice‐President Academic (Interim), the Associate Vice‐President Academic (Interim) supports the goals and objectives of the Office, with particular emphasis on quality assurance; academic planning; student transitions and retention; and administrative oversight for supports to teaching and learning. The position of the Associate Vice‐President Academic is dynamic. Priorities are set to support new academic initiatives within the University as they arise.

Current responsibilities and initiatives include:
1. Coordination of all aspects of major existing and emerging academic programs in all Faculties. Oversight and advice to Deans on fit with the Academic Plan, program goals, Senate priorities, pedagogical approach, target audience, recruitment and marketing plans, existing resources and projected resource needs, budget, space planning for instructional and research needs, library implications, and other pertinent factors with ongoing advisory and administrative involvement once programs are launched.

2. Coordination of educational planning activities, including directing the activities of the Office of University Planning and Analysis. Administrative oversight of academic program quality, including Academic Program Reviews, Program Development, Quality Assurance reporting, and graduate outcomes monitoring.

3. Collaboratively with the AVPSRCA oversee the development of policies and procedures for Graduate Programming and promotes Community Engagement.

4. Administrative oversight for the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, the Library and the Writing Centre and other academic supports for students.

5. Supporting the Registrar’s Office and Deans with retention initiatives and enrolment management.

6. Promoting and ensuring collaboration across all campuses for academic program development, program quality and academic supports for students. Oversight and support for Powell River and Cowichan Campus activities.

7. Liaison with external institutions involved in major emerging academic initiatives.

8. Coordination of VIU’s role in academic partnerships with other post‐secondary institutions and regional educational partners.

9. Monitoring the Academic Plan and actions emanating from it; Chair Provost Council task forces and committees on behalf of the Provost. Provide advice/support to Senate Committees

Committee Membership:
  • Member of Provost Council
  • Member of President’s Council
  • Advisory member of the Curriculum, Planning and Priorities, and Educational Standards Committees of Senate
  • Chair of PROC, SSMC, Retention working group.


The Search Committee recognizes that no one individual is likely to meet all the following criteria in equal measure; nevertheless, the following background, experience, and personal qualities are desirable and will be sought in candidates:

  • An earned Doctorate from an accredited university
  • A minimum 5 years recent experience in a senior administrative position preferably Associate Dean/Director or higher at Vancouver Island University
  • Demonstrated leadership skills working in a team and multi‐union environment
  • A visionary thinker with a proven record of successful innovations
  • Exceptional demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated experience in Strategic and Institutional Planning
  • A broad range of experience with institutional committees and chairing task forces.