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VIU People Plan

Welcome to the VIU People Plan project website. Here you will find information about the People Plan process.

The VIU People Plan will articulate to the VIU community the key human resource strategies that will support VIU employees in their individual contributions to academic excellence and student success while adhering to and aligning with our mission, goals, core values and the Academic Plan.

When the People Plan consultation process is completed, the People Plan will be renamed. The new full name will reflect the feedback from each VIU employee who provided input on the kind of working environment they desire of VIU. The People Plan will help each employee pursue their career goals and achieve professional development in ways that support VIU's current and future needs.

View the People Plan Project Description to learn more about the project.

Over half of all employees participated in the survey - a really strong response! It highlights areas that are of higher interest and concern than others, according to the survey feedback. View the two-page survey summary for details.

Please email any questions or comments you have regarding the People Plan to