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Materials & Resources

The following materials and resources are meant to assist in the committee with the development of the Student Services Strategic and Operational Plan.


VIU Senate Statement on Scholarship - Approved by Senate October 4, 2012


Academic Plan ~ Approved by the Vancouver Island University Board of Governors, November 25, 2010

VIU Vision - the University Vision

"UBC introduces professor of teaching positions" (The Ubyssey: 01 Dec 2011) - A new teaching position has been approved at UBC.

"Scholarly Approaches to Peer-Review of Teaching: Emergent Frameworks and Outcomes in a Research-Intensive University." (Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal March 2011, Volume 4, Issue 3)

"Survey of 12 Strategies to Measure Teaching Effectiveness." (International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2005, Volume 17, Number 1: 48-62)

"Developing a Peer Observation Program with University Teachers." (International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2006, Volume 18, Number 3: 204-214)


VIU University Planning and Analysis ~ Related Links - Links to government and industry statistics and reports; provided by University Planning and Analysis.