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Office of University Planning and Analysis

Our mission is to facilitate informed decision-making regarding VIU's academic plans and priorities by providing timely, relevant information.

The Office of University Planning and Analysis has identified five goals, each pertaining to a service area.

Our goals are:

  • Program Planning Services:
    To support academic planning, necessary to meeting existing and future student needs, by identifying emerging demographic, education, and labour market trends.
  • Program Quality Services:
    To promote a culture of program assessment and continuous improvement through Faculty-driven program reviews and research projects that address questions relating to institutional priorities.
  • Reporting Services:
    To provide accurate and relevant information in its appropriate context to meet VIU’s reporting responsibilities.
  • Management Support Services:
    To enhance VIU’s effectiveness by providing reliable information to management and supporting enrolment planning and management.
  • Data Administration Services:
    To continually improve the quality and timeliness of our department’s data services.