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Institutional Research

The Student Profile at VIU

This profile is largely based on demographic information from the 2008/09 academic year. Describing the student profile can support enrolment managment decisions.

View results presentation: pdf VIU Student Profile 2008/09


Campus Snapshot Project 2009

The purpose of the project was to provide student input to long-term planning at Vancouver Island University by giving students the opportunity to submit photographs and comments describing things they like and dislike about the Nanaimo campus.  The results will be shared with individuals and committees involved in planning at VIU and will help us to better understand the student experience.

View results presentation: pdf Campus Snapshot Project (Downloading will take a few minutes.)


Office Space Audit prepared January 2006

The use of offices on Vancouver Island University’s Nanaimo campus was raised as an issue during 2004/05, based partly on the difficulty in finding suitable office space for new faculty. At the same time, the campus’ total office space appears to fall within the Ministry of Advanced Education’s guidelines. It was therefore determined that an office audit should be undertaken to determine the cause of the apparent office shortage and provide an accurate summary of information on use of offices. The Office of University Planning and Analysis was asked to conduct the audit.

View results presentation: Office Space Audit