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Student Demand Resources

Reference Sites for Identifying Student Demand and New Program Trends

When developing a new program the following information may be useful in addressing questions related to estimated student demand and employment and education opportunities for graduates. Also see our Labour Market Resource website for online resoources on the regional and provinical labour market.

1. Looking for trends in provincial program headcounts, credentials awarded, or student mobility for a specific program or discipline? Please contact Nicole Yusep from the Office of University Planning and Analysis.

2. Canadian Postsecondary Enrolments and Graduates, 2014/2015 provided by StatsCan.

3. BC Student Outcomes Annual Surveys Dashboard. Provides employment and educational outcomes by institution and program area.

4. Education Planner – an online searchable database of all (undergraduate) programs offered at BC public post secondary institutions. This website also provides information pertaining to admissions criteria, tuition, and a link to occupations and outcomes on the WorkBC website.

5. Projection Report for BC Public School Headcount Enrolments 2016-17 - Projections (2017 onward) are based on current year enrolment projected forward using Provincial Population Projections (PEOPLE 58).

6. Program Trends by Faculty

Arts and Humanities
Science and Technology
Social Sciences
Trades and Applied Technology
Professional Development & Training


7. New Models in Higher Education

Low-Cost, Accelerated Degrees
Diploma-to-Degree Pathway
Industry/Institutional Partnerships
Inverted Admission

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