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Completed Program Reviews

Department Faculty Year Started
Faculty of Education Education 2006-07
Biology Science and Technology 2006-07
Nursing Health and Human Services 2006-07
Liberal Studies Social Sciences 2007-08
Mechanical Trades
(Automotive, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Power Sport/Marine)
Trades and Applied Technology 2007-08
Fisheries and Aquaculture Science and Technology 2007-08
Anthropology Social Sciences 2008-09
Child and Youth Care Health and Human Services 2008-09
History Arts and Humanities 2008-09
Social Services Health and Human Services 2008-09
Carpentry and Residential Construction Trades and Applied Technology 2008-09
Applied Business Technology Trades and Applied Technology 2009-10
Creative Writing Arts and Humanities 2009-10
English Arts and Humanities 2009-10
Women's Studies Arts and Humanities 2009-10
Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island Trades and Applied Technology 2010-11
Sociology Social Sciences 2010-11
Psychology Social Sciences 2010-11
Philosophy Social Sciences 2011-12
Visual Art Arts and Humanities 2011-12
Forestry Science and Technology 2011-12
Hairdressing Trades and Applied Technology 2011-12
Global Studies Social Sciences 2013-14
Political Studies Social Sciences 2013-14
Computer Science Science and Technology 2013-14
Early Childhood Education Health and Human Services 2014-15
Chemistry Science and Technology 2014-15
Math Science and Technology 2014-15
Theatre Arts and Humanities 2014-15
Geography Social Sciences 2014-15
Modern Languages Arts and Humanities 2014-15
SHAPE Education 2015-16
Criminology (in progress) Social Sciences 2015-16
Media Studies (in progress) Arts and Humanities 2015-16
Interior Design (Accredited) Arts and Humanities 2016-17
Social Work (Accredited) Health and Human Services 2016-17
Master of Community Planning (Accredited) Social Sciences 2016-17