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Program Review

Program Review is a thorough, evidence-based analysis of VIU's academic programs, addressing a wide range of criteria and all aspects of the learning environment. The goal of the program review is to determine a program’s strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to improve the program and set future directions. The program review process provides the opportunity for faculty, staff, administrators, current students, past students and graduates, and if applicable, industry representatives and employers, to provide feedback on the program. It is assumed that all programs, even those of the highest quality, may be improved.

Please contact the Program Review Analyst from the Office of University Planning and Analysis if you have any questions.

Program Review Policies and Procedures

Policy 31.15 Review and Assessment of Instructional Programs and Departments
Procedure 31.15.002   Review of Existing Instructional Programs and Departments

Program Review Key Resources:

PDF icon Program Review Schedule This is the 5-year schedule approved by Senate October 2017.
Completed Program Reviews Please see this link for an index of all previously completed Program Reviews and the associated documentation for each review.
Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC) The Planning and Priorities Committee has delegated to the Program Review Oversight Committee responsibility for overseeing the program review process.

Program Review Templates:

Program Review Handbook The Program Review Handbook is currently under revision. For more information, please contact the Program Review Analyst.
Self-Study Report Template Template for the Self-Study Report. Submitted to OUPA by Programs following the first year of the review. Distributed to External Reviewers prior to External Review. Informs Action Plan.
External Review Report Template Template for the External Review Report. This is completed by the External Review Panel following the External Site Visit and contains their recommendations. Informs Action Plan.
Action Plan Report Template Template for the Action Plan Report. Completed by programs following External Review. The far right column "Status (for progress report" is to be completed by programs at the time of the one-year follow-up.