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New Student Transition (NST) Survey


New Student Transition 2015 Survey Highlight Report

New Student Transition 2015 Survey Questionnaire



From October 20th to November 10th, 2015, OUPA launched NST for the first time. NST was designed to better understand our new students (“new student” defined as first time to VIU within the last 5 years. Only new university, developmental, and trades students were surveyed). We wanted to hear about their:

  • Decision-making process in choosing a post-secondary institution (Why VIU?)
  • Transition experience into post-secondary
  • Level of preparedness
  • Current goals

For more information on our sample, purpose, and incentives provided, check out our FAQ page.



Out of 2,725 students invited to participate, we received 874 completed responses, giving us a total response rate of 32%. We also had 84 partially complete the survey. We will be including their answers in our analysis; therefore, the response rate may vary per question.

Respondents were likely to be in a university-level program, but we also heard from around 100 students are in a Trades program and 60 in Academic and Career Preparation

In terms of student identity, we had about 100 aboriginal students, over 200 international students, and 600 domestic students respond to the survey.