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Blond HUCs

Hospital Unit Coordinator

8 Month Part-time Certificate Program

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Become part of the health care administration team, working in a fast paced, demanding and rewarding environment. This non-credit, part-time program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills required to work in the medical administration field. The focus is on preparation for employment as a Hospital Unit Coordinator and other medical settings. The program will also benefit staff currently employed in the medical field who require cross training, professional development, or retraining.

Career Opportunities:

The Hospital Unit Coordinator (HUC) performs a variety of non-clinical tasks at the communication center at the nursing station of a hospital, continuing care center and other medical facilities.

Program Content:

The program consists of the following courses:

  • Orientation & Skills For Student Success
  • Hospital & Unit Communications
  • Non-Clinical Pharmacology
  • Unit Coordinator Procedures & Observation
  • Observational Practicum
  • Unit Coordinator Practicum

Course Delivery:

Courses are offered on a part-time basis over two semesters, starting in September of each year. Students must complete all the courses in the program within the two semesters.

Start Date:

Please see the Program Availability List for information on the next intake of this program.

Application Dates:

How to Apply:

Please apply online or by using a paper application for admission. There may be other documents or procedures required. An application fee is required.

Admission Requirements:

Note: Admission to this program does not necessarily meet the requirements for other programs at Vancouver Island University.

This program is not eligible for student loans.

revised October 12, 2016