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Printing Services

Welcome to Printing Services. Located in Building 305, Room 280 at the Nanaimo Campus.

Our services include:

  • Digital Colour and Black & White photocopying
  • Display Banners, Calendars and Sandwich Boards
  • Laminating Services up to 26.5"
  • 3-hole punch for quantity
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Binding capabilities including Thermo-Bind up to 350 sheets, Cerlox Bind, and saddle stitching as well as cutting, trimming, sequential numbering, perforating, scoring, and folding sheets up to 13" X 17 1/2"
  • Designing and output capabilities from In-Design CS, Illustrator CS, and Photoshop CS to our postscript printer or any of our copiers
  • Scanning services including cleaning of documents and archiving
  • VIU letterhead, business cards and brochures

Most standard print jobs will be completed within 24 and 72 hours. Rush requests will be accommodated whenever possible. Special requests may take longer, please contact Printing Services for details.

Printing Services now accepts Credit and Debit payment.

Submit Online

Right-click and Save to submit the following online:

If you are copying for resale as in custom courseware contact Janice at the bookstore.

Blair Redquest, Printing Press Operator, local 2815

Tony Rinas, Printing Services Technical Clerk, local 2815

Janis Wallace, Printing Services Clerk, Local 6209

Printing Services, 250 753 3245 Local 2815