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Terms of Reference

The Provost Council functions as a key planning and advisory team to the Provost and Vice-President Academic. The council meets regularly to discuss, review, and recommend action on matters pertaining to faculty, students, programs and other academic matters of importance to Vancouver Island University.  During its annual retreat, the Council reviews its objectives from the previous year and lays the groundwork for formulating objectives for the next year. As a member of the Executive Council the Provost and Vice-President Academic serves as liaison for recommendation of policy changes and academic management between President's Council and Provost Council.

Provost Council provides:

  • Academic leadership to the institution.
  • Advice to the Provost.
  • Advice to senior management on institutional priorities, directions, strategic decisions, policies and procedures.
  • An opportunity for members to bring forward for discussion issues of relevance to the broader academic community.
  • An opportunity for general sharing of information and advice.

General Operations:

  • General information items will be distributed electronically, or loaded on the web page, as they become available and will usually not be agenda items at meetings.  The Provost will forward information from Provost Council to Executive Council as required.
  • Reports will be provided by the Provost and Vice-President Academic and/or the Associate Vice-President: Academic Planning and Aboriginal Initiatives at each meeting.
  • Items submitted for discussion may be accompanied by a brief discussion paper to bring focus to the issue.  They will include both issues specific to the university (e.g. policy development) and more general issues of broad interest.
  • Guests and information items will be limited.  When guests do attend they may be asked to provide a brief background document and to make a brief presentation prior to general discussion.
  • Members who have issues they would like to discuss should send them to the Chair one week in advance of the meeting.
  • On occasion workshops will be offered to members of the Provost Council (others may also be invited to attend).