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Purchasing Card

To Obtain a Purchasing Card

This web page provides the guidelines under which you may obtain and utilize your Purchasing Card. Please ensure you have read it carefully. Your signature on the enclosed Agreement to Accept a Purchasing Card indicates that you understand the intent of the Purchasing Card Program and agree to adhere to the guidelines established for the Program. You may begin using the Purchasing Card immediately upon receipt. Activate the card as per instructions that come with the card.

Agreement to Accept the Purchasing Card

The Agreement to Accept the Purchasing Card identifies all issues of concern to both the College and Cardholder and outlines the use and obligations for having and using the Purchasing Card. It is also intended to ensure the cardholder is very familiar with the key issues related to the use of the Purchasing Card.

New Account Information Record

The New Account Information Record is a document (see attached form) that requests the following information:

  • Employee name (first, middle, last) of person who will be using the card(s)
  • Embossing (leave blank)
  • Company Name (Vancouver Island University)
  • Billing Address (where to send Monthly Reconciliation Statements (College Campus, Building, Room #)
  • Accounting code (default College cost center to be charged) Format X-XXXX-XXX
  • City
  • Province/Postal Code
  • Home Phone Number
  • College local phone number (or DID no.)
  • Employee number (may be required as resource information for card activation)
  • Mother’s maiden name (may be required as resource information for lost or stolen cards)
  • Monthly credit limit ($5,000.00)
  • Single transaction limit ($1,000.00)
  • Cash advance (N/A not applicable to Purchasing Cards)
  • English or French (automatic default to English)
  • Company no. XXX (this will be completed by the bank)
  • Division Numeric (not required, leave blank)
  • Employee signature and Dean or Director’s signature

The New Account Information Record and Agreement To Accept The Purchasing Card is to be completed by the employee and by their authorized Dean, Department Head, Campus Principal or Administrator as the case may be.

The accounting code is an alpha/numeric field used to capture individual accounting information for electronic billing. Each card number is linked to one College accounting code. The accounting code is typically used to electronically route charges to the general ledger.


Forms - printable from a web browser

If you have any questions please contact Karmen Yee, 250-740-6233 or Sarah Morrison, 250-740-6657 or email