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Purchasing Card (PCard)

What Is It?

A purchasing card is a US Bank Canada Visa card with special features required by VIU. Payment will be made by Accounts Payable and charged to the cardholder's cost centre(s).

Why use it?

With the exception of standing or "open" purchase orders, the purchasing card may be used for all university purchases under $1,000 or your approved transaction limit (invoice value - sum of items on a single transaction including taxes and exchange, if applicable). This includes petty cash and other legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the university. This program empowers you to get what you need, when you need it, at a reduced administration cost to the university.

Where Can The Purchasing Card Be Used?

The purchasing card may be used at any business that accepts Visa anywhere in the world. Purchasing will be pleased to suggest vendors for any particular item. Remember, however, that you are committing university funds each time you use this card and you are personally responsible for accounting for these expenditures. Yes, there are restrictions programmed into the card. For example, payment for a restaurant meal may not be accepted by the restaurant and the card cannot be used on the university campus. There are other restrictions built into the card which are detailed in the Purchasing Card Manual. Cardholders may be extended travel use privileges by simply obtaining your Dean, Director or Campus Principal’s approval.

How Do I Get My Card?

First read and understand the Purchasing Card Manual. There is a test... self administered at the end of the manual. You will need to know the correct procedures to follow to reconcile your purchases, where the card can and cannot be used and other procedural matters. There is an application form for a purchasing card attached to this manual. This must be completed and sent to Purchasing to obtain your card.

Your comments on this program are invited. Contact the Purchasing Department at anytime to offer suggestions, criticism and kudos.

We are:

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Kathleen Hayden


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The departmental fax number is 250-740-6465

Click here for information on the application procedure.


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