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Requisition System FAQ’s

How do I determine the status of my requisition/purchase order?

  • The person who created the requisition and the person for whom the requisition is created will getan e-mail when the requisition is approved and sent to Purchasing, and a second e-mail when Purchasing issues the purchase order.

What if I do not get e-mail?

  • Query your area secretary or budget holder if you do not get a requisition copy; query Purchasing if you do not get a confirmation that the PO is issued.

Who do I contact if I find an error on the Purchase Order that has been issued?

  • Immediately contact the buyer that issued the PO, as noted at the bottom of the document.

I obtained an emergency purchase order number from Purchasing, how do I note this on the requisition?

  • Enter that purchase order number in the Purchase Order No. field on the requisition form.

I want the goods shipped to a location other than that in the ship to drop down list, what do I do?

  • Goods may only be shipped to a Vancouver Island University address in this list.

I am not sure of the correct object code to use, whom do I ask?

  • Your area Secretary can advise you. If not sure, use 400 and put in an explanatory note to purchasing in the Notes field.

When I created the requisition I get an error message that the cost centre does not exist. What do I do?

  • Consult with your area Secretary to determine if the cost centre is valid for the fiscal year. The purchase order will still, on approval, go to Purchasing which will determine the applicability of the cost centre and either change or create as required.

I want to split this purchase among several cost centres, how do I do this?

  • Enter each cost centre followed by the applicable amount on the same line. Enter a new line for each additional cost center with associated amount. Always enter a space after the last digit of the cost center and prefix the amount with a $ sign. Do not put a space between the $ and amount.
  • To split the amount on a % basis between cost centers enter the % amount followed by the % sign following each cost centre. Note: the total %’s entered must equal 100.

What do I do with the information provided to me by the supplier(s) of this product?

  • Send all documents via e-mail if electronic to the Buyer assigned to your department or simply attach it to the requisition; if it is a paper document, send through internal mail to Purchasing. Put the requisition # in the subject line of the e-mail and/or ion the hard copy.
  • We understand your need to get information directly from vendors, however Purchasing’s role is to obtain quotations for your requirements and is pleased to handle information gathering as well.