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Create Requisition User’s Manual

Field Name

Help Text/Instruction

Requisition Number

System Generated, note this number for your tracking purposes

Created by

That will be you


The fiscal year (apr.1-Mar. 31) in which the goods and/or services will be received. E.g. 2004/2005 = Apr. 1 2004 – Mar. 31, 2005

Attn. Buyer:

From the drop down list, select the buyer you wish to handle this requisition. Refer to the Purchasing web page for the buyer responsible for your department: (Note all buyers can view all other buyer’s requisitions so we can cover for buyers that are away)

Purchase Order No:

Enter the PO number given by purchasing if you requested an “emergency” purchase order number, otherwise leave blank.

Requisitioner’s Name

This could be you or the VIU employee for whom you are creating the requisition. Enter part or all of person’s name then Click search button, Click the radio button by the person’s name and the next four fields will auto fill. The requisitioner will be advised via e-mail when the PO is issued

Ship To

Mandatory: Select the appropriate ship to address from the drop down list.


Optional. The entry here will show below the ship to address.

Shipping Note

Optional. The entry here will be visible to central receiving at the Nanaimo Campus

Date Required

Optional for the information of Purchasing. Format: YYYY/MM/DD

Account Number

Formatted as x-xxxx-xxx and is mandatory. Optionally, this may be followed by an amount: enter $xxxx.xx. Enter a space after the cost centre #, use the dollar sign ($). The dollar amount entered here will not be seen by the vendor and is used to commit funds where the total cost is not exactly known. Alternatively, you may enter quoted or estimated Unit prices opposite the description fields below. Purchasing will confirm pricing and/or obtain quotations for the requested product.

Enter multiple cost centres using a new line for each cost centre and committed amount. Instead of a committed amount you may split the purchase among cost centres using a % to each cost centre. Enter the % amount on the same line as the applicable cost centre. Put a space between the cost centre # and follow the % amount with the % sign. % split between cost centers must total 100. Taxes will be added to the figures given. Your buyer will determine applicability of taxes.

Suggested Supplier:


Enter all or part of the name of the suggested supplier, click search. If this vendor is in our database, click the radio button by the correct vendor. The balance of vendor information will auto complete. If not in our vendor database please complete the suggested vendor’s name, address, contact name, contact numbers, e-mail fields etc. if known. Entry of a phone number is mandatory.


Default is Canadian, if US select from the drop down list

Open Order

Click this box if this is to be an open order, i.e. a vendor from whom you expect to order goods or services as required over the stated period of time (usually the fiscal year) at least six times. (If fewer please use your P-Card)

Date format is Year-Month-Day


Text entered here will show on the PO sent to the vendor


Enter any information that will assist Purchasing to obtain your requirements quickly and cost effectively. Be nice. Use this field to advise Purchasing of any special requirements concerning delivery and/or any other relevant info. Text in this field will not show on the Purchase Order.

Prices Are:

Select from Drop Down List. If Quoted to you, Purchasing requires a copy of the quote before it can create the PO. All back up documentation must be sent to purchasing. If in electronic format, send via e-mail noting the requisition number in the subject header or attach the quote to the requisition.

Date of Quote

Year-Month-Day. Save time and hassle and let Purchasing obtain quotes and contact vendors for you, this is what we do.

Qty, Units, Cat. No., Description

This information will show on the PO but can be edited by Purchasing. Provide as complete as possible information. Enter the unit prices, which may be as quoted or your best guess/estimate.

Create/Update Requisition

Review your Requisition: check for completeness and accuracy. Check quantities, check model and catalogue #’s. Click this button to create your requisition. Deal with any error messages that may show. If not within your signing authority, select the appropriate signing authority and click the submit button to send to the appropriate approver. Optionally, you may send a message to the approver. Send any documentation to Purchasing or attach it to the requisition.