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Stationery is ordered online with Grand & Toy at

Arshad Ashraf is the key purchasing contact for Grand & Toy. To be set up to order on this on-line system, send Karmen an approval email from an individual authorized to sign with the cost centre(s) you need access to .
Area secretaries have a Grand & Toy catalogue. Online prices are current and include our contracted discounts. Some items are restricted items: furniture, computer hardware, products requiring MSDS or items restricted due to ergonomic and safety issues.

If you attempt to order a restricted item, your order will be forwarded to the Purchasing Departmentfor authorization. Arshad will contact you to confirm details of your requirements and advise as to the required next steps to obtain the restricted goods.

Helpful Hints

  • Goods ordered before 3:00 PM will be delivered to your department the next business day.
  • Minimum order $25.00.

Grand & Toy Return Procedure

  1. The new Grand & Toy online return program will allow you to notify of a short shipment or return an unwanted or damaged/defective item.

    •  Go to and login.
    • Have your order number and SHIP TO account number ready
    • In the green toolbar near the top of the page click on Tracking/Returns
    • In the grey toolbar below the top green toolbar click on Returns on the right.
    • Select an option from the Returns Menu.


    • Enter order number and ship to account.
    • Choose a reason for return
    • When prompted enter the quantity and unit of goods being returned


    •  Enter order number and ship to account.
    • Choose a summary description of damage.
    • Provide a brief description of damage or defect.
    • Enter quantity and unit of goods being returned.

    Missing Items

    • Enter order number and ship to account
    • Enter quantity and unit of goods missing
    • Enter product code and quantity of description of goods received in error if applicable.
    • Enter your name and the contact information for the Return Authorization to be sent to.
    • When the RA is received by email print two copies for goods to be returned.  Attach one to the goods and have the driver who picks up the return goods or the mispicked goods sign a copy that you would keep for your records.

For assistance, please contact Arshad Ashraf in Purchasing at local 6659 or e-mail, Dana Way at