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Leaders on Learning

The Leaders on Learning Series is a new offering coming out of the Successful Student Learning Initiative – now in its second year supported and led by the Office of the Provost. There are 11 sessions over the next several months that showcase VIU leaders and their perspectives on learning as related to the topics that surfaced during the initiative. The one-hour sessions include the leader sharing a story, personal beliefs or a learning experience - and then an open conversation takes place on the topic. All sessions are video-captured and will be made available for all of the campus community.

Video of Session (Click on image to play)
Tuesday, November 3   3:30 – 4:30 pm  

Dr. Ross MacKay, Dean of Arts and Humanities


Session Title: Nails on a chalkboard: Teaching poetry to people who "hate" poetry.

Dr. Ross MacKay
Wednesday November 25   12 – 1 pm

Dr. David Witty, Provost and Vice-President Academic


Session Title: Reflective practice: Learning by doing

David Witty
Wednesday December 9   12 – 1 pm

Dr. Carol Stuart, Dean of Health and Human Services


Session Title: Transformational learning: The role of experience and culture.

Carol Stuart
Tuesday January 19 10 – 11 am          

Dr. Graham Pike, Dean of International Education


Session Title: Learning to live together: Our most daunting challenge.

Graham Pike
Tuesday January 26       12 – 1 pm

Dr. Harry Janzen, Dean of Education


Session Title: Creating learning communities.

Harry Janzen
Thursday February 11    3:30 – 4:30 pm

Ms. Jean Maltesen, Dean of Academic and Career Preparation


Session Title: Student Challenges: Can they be mitigated?

Jeannie Maltesen
Thursday February 25 10 – 11 am

Dr. John Black, Dean of Social Sciences


Session Title: Activate, abdicate, articulate: Promoting the autonomy of thought.

John Black
Thursday March 31 10 – 11 am

Dr. Don Noakes, Dean of Science


Session Title: Learning to Deal with Real World Problems

Don Noakes
Wednesday April 6      3:30 – 4:30 pm

Dr. Ralph Nilson, President and Vice-Chancellor


Session Title: Learning to Facilitate Learning

Ralph Nilson
Wednesday April 13 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Dr. Steve Lane, Associate Vice-President: Academic Planning and Aboriginal Initiatives


Session Title: Shift Happens: Paradigms and Syntagms in Post-Secondary Teaching and Learning

Steve Lane