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Summative Program Assessment

One of Vancouver Island University’s top priorities is to provide students with a sustainable mix of high quality, relevant programming.

As such, the VIU Board of Governors adopted an Academic Plan in November 2010 after a two-year Integrated Planning process.  The Plan contains 30 recommendations and serves as a guide to shape the future of VIU.  Action Item #17 of the Academic Plan directed Senate to complete a summative assessment of all programs.

As part of the plan, 130 programs were reviewed between February and June 2012 to ensure they align with the goals and objectives of the Academic Plan.

Called the Summative Program Assessment (SPA), the review was based on specific criteria identified by Senate and included extensive input from faculty, program Chairs, and Deans.

Recommendations will be taken to the VIU Senate in October 2012.  They include:  maintain approximately 80 percent of all reviewed programs in their current form, expand 2 programs, enhance 20 programs, suspend 3 programs, and cancel 2 programs.

Full details about this program review are available at

It is important to note that VIU will review ‘suspended’ programs over the next year to determine if they should be redeveloped or cancelled.  No existing students will be adversely affected.  Cancelled programs will be phased out over time and existing students will be able to graduate.  Where necessary, plans will also be developed to prepare faculty and staff for transition.

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