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Grant Murray

Emeritus Canada Research Chair in Coastal Resource Management

Grant Murray

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 Dr. Grant Murray, Canada Research Chiar in Coastal Resource Management, at VIU

Due to dramatic change over the last 100 years, many resource-dependent coastal communities are in transition and, in some cases, crisis.  Shifts away from traditional resource-based industries like logging, fishing and mining have sometimes been painful, and have left coastal communities looking for ways to maintain their well-being while promoting the health and resilience of the ecosystem around them. 
With graduate training in marine ecology and natural resource sociology, Dr. Grant Murray works within Vancouver Island University’s Institute for Coastal Research to better our understanding of the way human societies interact with marine and coastal ecosystems, and to address the linked socio-cultural, economic and ecological challenges that coastal communities are facing as new opportunities emerge. 

His interdisciplinary research involves the combination of elements from both natural and social sciences, and has focused on locations around the world. His research interests include: 1) interdisciplinary marine environmental history; 2) the relationship between local knowledge, resource management and social-ecological outcomes; 3) governance issues and social impacts related to aquaculture 4) the impacts of regulatory and other changes on fishing communities; 5) the environmental and social impacts of tourism; and 6) community-based management of protected areas.

Updated: November 2, 2015