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Canada Research Chairs Recruitment Committee

Vancouver Island University is eligible for two types of research chairs, federal (Canada Research Chairs)and provincial (BC Regional Innovation Chairs). To deal with these opportunities we created a Research Chair Strategy Committee to facilitate the establishment of these chairs. Each Chair recruitment will have a committee struck to select a nominee.

2014 Canada Research Chair Tier II - Faculty of Science and Technology (Fisheries & Aquaculture Programs)



Committee Members
Background Information
Current Research Chairs

2014 CRC Posting

2014 Timelines and Tasks
Archived Documents & Web Pages (2013 and prior)

Steve Lane (Chairperson) Associate VP Academic and Aboriginal Initiatives
Chris Foote

Professor, Co-Chair, Fisheries and Aquaculture Programs

Don Furnell Chair, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
John Morgan Professor/Degree Advisor, Resouce Management Officer Technology
Stefanie Duff Professor, Fisheries and Aquaculture Programs
Support Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Committee

Background Information

Vancouver Island University has been working to develop research capacity. One way we do this is through taking advantage of federal and provincial initiatives which fund research chairs. The Federal Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program awards chairs based on past research activity. Currently, we have been awarded three Tier II Chairs. Tier II Chairs are designed for researchers within 10 years of receiving their Ph.D. and who show great potential. VIU will be eligible for more CRCs if our research activity increases.

Vancouver Island University has been successful in being awarded two BC Regional Innovation Chairs.

Archived Documents & Web Pages


2010 Selection Committee Documents & Web Pages


Updated: April 4, 2018